Timber boards Tortuga 45.3" longboard dancer medium flex deck only

If you want a versatile freestyle dancer, look no further. Even we were surprised by the balance of this board. The multiple wheelbase options gives you the opportunity to ride this board in many different styles. A wide set-up gives it a more dampened flex for smooth dancing and high pop, while the short wheelbase gives it a more responsive flex for big kicks. The mellow concave turns upward at the stance. This gives the flex a very unique feeling and a very comfortable stance.
The extra strip of bamboo under the kicks makes the kicktails on both ends stiffer and improve durability.

Flex type: Medium
Length: 115 cm, 45.27 inch
Width: 22.5 cm, 8.85 inch
Wheelbase: 70.4 cm – 76.4 cm, 27.7 inch – 30.07 inch (total of 9 options)
No grip applied yet
Handmade in The Netherlands

Availability: In voorraad

€ 204,95
Timber boards Tortuga 45.3" longboard dancer medium flex alleen deck
Extra informatie
Extra informatie
Merk Timber boards
Board lengte 43" - 48"
Maat Nee
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