Gullwing 10" Reverse trucks Louis Pilloni (set) blue

Gullwing 10" Reverse trucks Louis Pilloni (set) blue

About the Gullwing Reverse trucks
What we have here is stunning piece of metal, designed for you to hit your fastest home spot, to shred at the summer freeride camp and also to compete at your next downhill race. The baseplate geometry, featuring a 47° pivot angle, paired with the flippable hanger, provides you all the versatility you need to attack any type of hill.
The Gullwing Reverse Trucks all come with RAD double barrel 89a Bushing and 2 flat washers to assure you an amazing ride. Just the Louis Pilloni pro-model comes with one flat washer + one cup washer, and the hanger already flipped... that's Louis's favourite set up, enjoy!

Flippable hanger
The Gullwing Reverse truck, no matter what the color is, features the flippable hanger. That means that you can use the hangar in 2 different positions:
- LOWER TO THE GROUND (negative rake): for better stability and faster rides
- HIGHER FROM THE GROUND (positive rake): for more reactiveness, ideal in freeride/sliding mode

- Downhill
- Freeride

- Hanodized Blue Hanger with Louis' signature
- 8 hole mounting pattern to accomodate alternative wheelbases
- One flat washer + one cup washer
- Type: 10" Reverse Kingpin (183 mm), Performance
- Geometry: 47 Degree
- Bushings: RAD 89A Double Barrel

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Gullwing 10" Reverse trucks Louis Pilloni (set) blue
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Informations complémentaires
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