Sabre Forged Precision Achsen 180 mm blue raw (Set von 2)

This is the cumulation of many years of work... the Sabre Forged Precision is finally ready as our premium downhill and race offering. Featuring a Cold Forged 6061-T6 Baseplate and hanger, this truck is packed with features, it's ultra light and super durable. The open bushing seat, drop-up baseplate option, geometry, rakeless design and lightweight construction are the result of many hours of design, test, rethink, redesign and retest. This truck is low, light, strong and fast - if you want stability, reaction and race winning performance, you will find it here.

- 8-hole adjustable 38 Degree Drop-Up baseplate.
- 180 mm Hanger Width
- 3 mm Axle Rake Hanger design
- 54 mm Axle Height (topmounted)
- Weight (190mm): 410 grams
- Cold Forged 6061-T6 Hanger and Baseplate
- Hollow Grade 8 Kingpin
- CNC’d hanger pivot
- 4130 CNC’d axle studs
- F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings
- Urethane Pivot Cup

Width: 180 mm.
Baseplate Angle:38”.
Bushings: F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings.
Colors: Blue Hanger, Raw Baseplate.
Axle Diameter: 8mm.
Flippable Hanger: Yes, 3 mm axle rake.

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Sabre Forged Precision Achsen 180 mm blue raw
Marke Sabre
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