Demon Shield Vest Upper body protection (M only)

Demon Shield Vest Upper body protection
The Demon Shield Vest is an ideal low-profile, high durability piece of protective equipment for your upper body. The Vest is made from carefully selected materials and padding to offer you the best in protection, comfort and mobility. The front of the Shield Vest offers impact resistance with plush foam that is shaped to mimic the movements of your body. The padding reaches under the arms to protect your rib cage area. The back of the vest features ultra-strong polymer layers that protect you against the hardest slams, while still maintaining full mobility. If you’re looking for serious upper body protection, the Demon Shield Vest will serve you right.

Contoured Front/side entry
Thermo-formed chest and rib protection
Air Shield shoulder protection
Ultra low profile spine guard
Ultra light-weight and breathable
Maximum protection, limited construction
Neck brace compatible

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119,95 €

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Demon Shield Vest Upper body protection
Marke Demon
Board Size Nein
Größe M
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