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About Caer boardsports

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Caer boardsports was founded in August 1996. In the winter we sell snowboards, snowboard clothing and equipment. In the summer we focus on longboarding and wakeboarding.

What can you expect from us?

Summer: Large collection of cheaper and major brand longboards like Loaded, Koastal, Rayne, Duster, Sector 9, Mindless, Bustin, Riviera and many others. Practically every board you can buy "board only" or as "complete". We offer most boards as completes, but if you prefer a different set up.... no problem! Just send us an email or give us a call.

Next to our large longboard collection we have a nice collection of -mosty slider base- wakeboards. These are suitable to use on sliders, kickers and ramps. We also have a large collection of wetsuits and steamers for wakeboarders, kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers, but also for swimming teachers who have to jump in-an-out of the pool all day long. 

We offer best price guarantee!

Winter: Large collection of snowboards for men, women and children. We have boards in every style, performance level and weight class, male and female. No matter if you look for a fast free ride deck, a versatile rocker shape or something in between. Beside the hardware we can also help you finding a good snowboard jacket, pant, helmet of set of gloves. We can help you out with your snowboard (and ski) maintenance. Give you advice how to do it yourself or we can also do it for you. We use as less machinery as we can. Only for fills and repairs, but only rarely for edge tuning. This will make the edges of your board last a lot longer and safe money in the end! Plus: our Caer boardsports waxing treatment will last a lot longer!

Caer boardsports storage 

Hope to see you in our store!

Terms and conditions
Full terms and conditions will be send to you on request.
Short version and most important for you to know: All products are delivered with standard factory warranty. Returns have to be shipped to us within a week after the delivery day in original packaging, unused and with original labels connected. Underwear and bikinis cannot be returned because of hygienic reasons. Payment returns: maximum 3 weeks after receipt. Payments are refunded with exclusion of our expenses. Think of credit card commissions we have to pay and shipping costs. When we make a shipping mistake (wrong size, colour etc) we pay the shipping costs of course and will ship you the right product for free or refund you completely without any expenses. 

Caer boardsports