Slamm Classic V9 stuntstep

The Slamm Classic V9 is a beginner stunt scooter packed with high spec features. Bringing great value for money, it uses transparent PU on the wheels, coloured grips, Steel Riser T-Bar and our exclusive Coffin Connector. The boxed channel deck is complete with front and rear deck blocks and the brightly coloured decals gives the collection a modern sleek look. Swirl Team grips and impact resistant bar ends give the control and confidence to start to progress skills and tricks

- W 4.5" x L 19.5" / W 11.50 cm x L 49.50 cm
- T6 heat treated Aluminium boxed channel deck
- High-quality paint finish
- Front and rear Nylon deck block insertst

- Slamm exclusive extruded Coffin connector

- W 20.5” x H 22.5” / W 52cm x H 57cm
- Reinforced Steel dipped Y-Bar

- Anodised triple bolt clamp

- NECO press fit, semi-sealed bearings
- Threadless Internal Hidden Compression (IHC) system

- Threadless punched steel fork

- 135 mm Pro grips with impact resistant bar ends

- 100 mm 88A Alloy core PU cast wheels

- ABEC-9 Chrome bearings

- 110mm Convex Carbon steel composite flex brake

Recommended Age
- 8+ Years

Maximum Rider Weight
- 100kg

Overall Dimensions
- Height: 32.9” / 83.5 cm
- Length: 26.8” / 67 cm
- Width: 20.7” / 52.5 cm
- Ride Height: 29.9” / 76 cm
- Ride Height is between the top of the deck and the top of the bar grips
- Scooter Weight 3.8kg

Test Standards EN14619:2015

Availability: In voorraad

€ 129,95

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Slamm Classic V9 stuntstep
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