Rome Sawtooth 160 snowboard AM/FR (17/18)

Rome Sawtooth 160 snowboard
The Sawtooth is made for powder and carving. The Shape and Profile of the Board make it perfect for fast runs under all cercumstances. It uses the Free-The-Ride Camber technology to lay down deep slashes and fully railed out turns. The 90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate teams up with bamboo HotRods to power the performance.

Directional Shape: The classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition.

The Free-the-Ride Camber profile begins with positive camber in the board’s tail, transitioning into a flat camber section beneath the rider’s front foot and ending in a rockered nose for maximum float.

HotRods are at the core of almost every board Rome makes. They start with thin, hollow tubes of carbon, bamboo or glass and then insert them into milled channels in the core of the boards. These are arranged in different patterns and configurations all designed for specific riding situations and levels of responsiveness.

The Pop Core Matrix features dual zones of ultra-light weight wood converge with a body of snappy responsive poplar for a buttery yet high-powered flex. Rome integrates, for the 90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate, thin bundles of carbon into a biaxial glass on top and biaxial layer on the bottom. The workhorse of base materials, the strong and absorbent SinterTrue Base is the first level of speed generating technology. It provides a healthy dose of speed for bombing groomers, lapping park or beating your friends to your favourite stash.

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Rome Sawtooth 160 snowboard 2018
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Extra informatie
Merk Rome SDS
Board lengte 158 - 164 cm
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