Original Freeride 44" Drop V2 compleet longboard

Original Freeride 44" Drop V2 compleet longboard

(In losse onderdelen: € 359.20, als getoond in set € 339,95)

- Freeride 44" drop V2 deck + laser gesnede griptape
- Blood Orange Alpine Race Formula 73 mm 78a wit + groene kern wielen
- Paris 180 mm V2 reverse kingpin trucks satijn rood
- 8 x Enuff Swiss lagers
- Khiro panhead schroevenset 1.75" ringen
- Drop thru shock pads groen 1 mm
- Khiro spacers tussen de lagers

The Drop Freeride 44 is a double drop deck that is super low to the ground to make pushing easier. This is a big and comfortable commuter/cruiser board and has all the features you need to progress to freeride or bombing hills

The Drop Freeride 44 Slide aggressively with more confidence, go faster, and commute more comfortably. With the Drop Freeride 41, you can stop shifting your feet and stay safely locked in; thanks to the drop and deep central concave, you have support no matter where your feet are. The double-drop (drop-through + drop-deck) design of the Drop Freeride 41 is there to ease both slide initiation and hook-up, which makes it ideal for beginners learning to slide. Drop-through for easy slides while you are learning, topmount it once you know your stuff: One board: many options, you just entered the land of opportunity.

Lengte 44" / 108.1 cm

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€ 339,95
Original Freeride 44" Drop V2 compleet longboard
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Extra informatie
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Board lengte 39" - 44", 43" - 48"
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