Northcore Keypod Key safe 5th gen

De Keypod Key Safe van Northcore is een handige kluis om je sleutels in op te bergen tijdens je sessie op het water. Verstop de kluis of hang hem aan het oog van de sleepkabel. Deze ijzersterke kluis krijg je namelijk niet zomaar open! Super handig voor golfsurfers, SUPpers en kitersurfers die geen lockers of kluisjes ter beschikking hebben op hun favoriete spot!

- Grote opslag capaciteit: 9 cm x 6.5 cm x 2.8 cm
- 4 cijferige cijfer combinatie
- 5e generatie

The new design features a thicker alloy body, a lid with additional strengthening struts to prevent any flex, the lid pivots from the base and has a stronger fastening mechanism, dual lid locking, a heavy duty internal spring to increase product life, an integrated shackle combination setting plus a 10mm steel shackle. The 5Gs is super tough!

Just place in your items, choose a solid anchor point on the car (or any safe place) to secure the padlock shackle, close the lid and shackle and set the combination. Keypod is a simple, robust, portable, weather resistant, secure storage safe for keys and other valuables designed to deter would be thieves.

It has a four digit combination padlock with an integrated storage cavity which is large enough to hold all known modern electronic vehicle keys (and keyless keys), household keys, spare change, credit cards and even some mobile phones. It's an essential piece of kit that's going to last for years.

- New design, 10 mm thick steel padlock shackle
Full width steel pin engineered into the hinge for additional strength
- Integrated shackle combination reset mechanism
Super tough 3mm thick foam backed corrosion resistant alloy body
- Internal dimensions: L 9 cm x W 6.3 cm x D 2.8 cm
- Fits all known vehicle keys and immobilisers
- Simple maintenance, wipe dry and occasional oiling will ensure years of reliable use
- Unit weighs approximately 0.84 kg
- Proximity Key Notice - for anyone using a Keypod Key safe please note that proximity keys may still operate while locked inside a Keypod keysafe leaving a vehicle vulnerable. We suggest disabling the proximity key function through the vehicles software menu when using a Keypod key safe. Always check with your vehicle manufacturer handbook for this procedure and with your insurance policy coverage before using a Keysafe

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Northcore Keypod Key safe 5th gen
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