Khiro KBAC-2 Insert bushings (per truck)

Khiro KBAC-2 barrel insert bushings (per truck)
KBAC-2 Sets consist of a LARGE ALUMINUM Top Insert Bushing and a Bottom Barrel Bushing

Khiro has had numerous requests to make a Combo Bushing Set. This unique setup consists of: using a Khiro Small or Large Insert Bushing for the Top Bushing and using a Khiro Barrel Bushing for the Bottom Bushing. This Khiro Combo Bushing Setup will give you more stability and offers you a stiffer, quicker rebound. This set up allows you to do away with the top "cup" washer and gives you more Kingpin thread to use.
Khiro is always on the cutting edge in urethane technology and gives you the best choice in urethane bushings. All Khiro bushings come in seven (7) durometers; X-Soft White-(73A), Mild Soft Orange- (79A), Soft Blue-(85A), Med.Soft Red-(90A), Med Hard Yellow-(92A), Hard Black-(95A), and Extra Hard Purple-(98A)and three different configurations for all types of skateboarding, such as street, banks, bowls, rails, gaps, transition, big vert, pipes, slalom, downhill, and or wherever your board takes you.

The Khiro Combo Bushing Sets also come in 7 hardness colors. Experiment and find the right Combo Bushing Setup that works best for you and GO OFF!

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Khiro KBAC-2 barrel insert bushings (per truck)
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