Holesom Street sweeper II 40" complete longboard

Holesom Street sweeper II 40" complete longboard
Holesom Longboards is a green-friendly company based in Laguna Beach, California. The company uses fresh bamboo, hemp and 8 holes along each side. Holesome joined up with legendary custom longboard shaper, “Longboard Larry” to perfect the shape and construction

- Holey 180 mm black trucks
- Landyachtz Zombie Hawgs Kyle Martin 70 mm 80a black white
- Abec 9 bearings
- Khiro Mounting kit

Eight holes along each rail punctuate the “bounce back” by rapidly dispersing tensile stress among a series of 2 inch lengths rather than the entire length, resulting in an accelerated “snap” coming out of carves. Also, the holes reduce the weight, make perfect finger holes for grabbing… and they make random strangers ask you “what are the holes for?” HEMP We use hemp instead of fiberglass on the top and bottom, and the Hemp alternately laid in the composition, 6 layers to 5 layers Bamboo, absorbs road shock/vibration and compliments the liveliness of our bamboo.


Setting the trucks out wide offers greatest flex, feel and comfort while carving or cruising; placing the trucks all the way in makes the ride hyper nimble and stiffens the deck, while providing a very generous nose for tricks. There are six truck placement variations in all to dial in your ride and all of them allow the deck to slide really well. HOW TO RE-GRIP Once the factory grip wears down, you can actually throw on die-cut Holesom grip tape (holes and shape all ready done). It applies in less than a minute and lines up perfect, provided you follow the directions.


was on board the very day the idea for this deck came about. His artisan craftsmanship is evident in the clean lines of the shape, camber and concave. Through each of the 16 prototypes including countless layer variations/thicknesses of bamboo and hemp. Larry consulted, tested, suggested and invested his time, energy and talents, each week over the 15 months it has taken to get this deck produced

40 X 9.25 inch, multiple truck mount bi-directional, cambered and concave, constructed of hemp, bamboo and holes

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Holesom Street sweeper II 40" complete longboard
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Board lengte 35" - 40", 39" - 44"
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