Gullwing Shadow 7.5" trucks black(set)

Gullwing Shadow 7.5" trucks black(set)
In the early '90s, Gullwing answered to the underground street skating scene with the Street Shadow. This truck was piloted by household pro names such as Matt Hensley, Ronnie Creager, Chad Knight and Chet Thomas, and continued to keep Gullwing a force.
The Shadow we have nowadays is reminiscent of its precursors the Street Shadow and is already become a favorite among street and vert skaters.

If you want to know more about Gullwing history, visit

- Street
- Bowl
- Park
- Cruising

- Tapered axle facings
- TYPE - Conventional, Core
- APPLICATIONS - Street, Transition, Vert, Pools, Cruisers, Carving
- SIZES - 7.5", 8.0” (136 mm), 8.5” (149 mm), 9.0 (161 mm)
- BUSHINGS - Premium 92A Cone & Barrel Combo

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Gullwing Shadow 7.5" trucks black(set)
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