Bollé Emperor goggle zwart & rood crackle - Citrus gun lens S3

This racy number, with spherical screen for XXL vision, anti-fog and anti-glare-treated offers optimal field-of-vision. The Bollé Emperor goggle is available with Green Emerald screen, plus a new Bollé feature: amber color with a green mirror effect that improves contrast and reduces glare, losing nothing of its sharp appeal.
Optimized visual comfort, come rain or cloud?

Carbo Glas® Coating
In addition to being lightweight and optically precise, our lenses are enhanced with an armor shell on both sides of the lens, giving you the protection you need from scratches and other damage.

Equalizer® vent
Technical waterproof/breathable technology delivers a fogfree view by allowing dual-direction airflow to maintain ideal air pressure and precision optics between the sealed double lens.

Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.

Flow-tech® venting
Engineered venting systems in each frame promote directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens, reducing the potential for moisture build up and maintaining your pristine vision.

Double lens
Creation of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation from forming.

Triple layer face foam
The only material that touches your face is an ultra soft layer of polar fleece which includes two layers foam to ensure a firm and comfortable fit.

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Bollé Emperor goggle zwart & rood crackle - Citrus gun lens S3
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