Rome Reverb Rocker 155 MW snowboard AM (17/18)

Rome Reverb Rocker 155 MW snowboard AM 2018

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Rome Reverb Rocker 155 MW snowboard AM 2018 Some riders demand positive camber for the responsiveness that only positive camber can lay down. With the Reverb, Rome has integrated this camber profile into a moderately flexing geometric package. Then they add in pop-enhancing technology with carbon and bamboo rods. The result is a board that combines the flexibility for park and powder, with the performance for ripping clean, fast turns. - MtnPop Rocker 2.0 camber. Rocker between the feet and positive camber in the nose and tail. Rome fine-tunes the amount of rocker between the feet to just make contact with the snow when the rider is not standing on the board. The result is more than enough float and playfulness from the rocker, while still allowing the positive camber in the nose and tail to deliver responsive power. Great for riders who like the best of both worlds--responsive tuning, solid landing, powder floating, and nimble control. - True twin shape. A true twin snowboard shape is ideal for riders who want to ride switch and do some tricks. The nose and tail are identical and the flex is evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the board. - Hodrods-Bamboo single barrel. A single rod in the centerline, this pattern adds ollie pop while letting the rest of the board flex normally. - QuickRip sidecut. Teamed up with Rome's rocker boards, the goal with QuickRip Sidecut is to create a board that does two things: it needs to be nimble and maneuverable at slow speeds, and it also needs to be powerful and precise at high speeds. Rome achieves this by integrating two off-set sidecuts that create one zone in the nose, one between the feet and one in the tail. Where the center section meets the other two sections, Rome has created Mid-Board Contact Points. These Mid-Board Contact Points serve as the end of the running length at slow speeds, giving the board fine-tuned control. They also serve as edge "bumps" that grip the snow and increase precise power at high speeds. - Pop core matrix. Do-anything performance that balances lightness, response and strength with two zones of low-density wood - StraightBiax carbon laminate. This laminate takes the freestyle-oriented flex of 90-degree biaxial fibers and adds in longitudinal carbon strips that increases ollie power without any unwanted overall stiffness. - SinterTrue base. Fundamental sintered performance with plenty of wax absorption - 2x4 and 4x4 compatible. - Flex: 7/10
Informations complémentaires
Informations complémentaires
Marque Rome SDS
Board Size 153 - 159 cm
Taille Non
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