Loaded TanTien Abstract 39" complêt longboard flex 2

The Tan Tien longboard blends carve-oriented longboarding with advanced trick riding. A flexible deck, drop-through truck mounts, and usable kicks allow the Tan Tien to pack a lot into a relatively small package. The complex contours create a super responsive board that allows for increased confidence when leaning into turns, popping tricks, and powering through slides. Multi-centered “engineered” wood veneer, a revolving graphic and a new, functional orbiting griptape pattern.

Trucks: Paris 180 V2 180 mm reverse kingpin trucks noir satin
Roulements: Bones Reds roulements
Roues: Orangatang Kilmer 69 mm - 39.5 mm contact patch 83a pourpre roues

Deck specifications
Longueur: 39” / 99 cm
Largueur: 8.75” / 22.3 cm
Empattement (inner hole): 27" / 68.6 cm
Profile: camber
Poids (seulement deck): 3.1-3.5 lbs / 1.4-1.6 kg

Flex 1: 170-270+ lbs / 75-122+ kg
Flex 2: 130-210+ lbs / 59-95+ kg
Flex 3: 80-170+ lbs / 36-77+ kg

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Description du produit
Loaded TanTien Abstract 39" complêt longboard flex 2
Informations complémentaires
Informations complémentaires
Marque Loaded
Board Size 35" - 40", 39" - 44"
Taille Non
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