Timber Tortini 43.31" longboard dancer medium flex

Timber Tortini 43.31" medium flex deck only
High, balanced pop. Concave at the bolts. Rocker, for the nonchalant swagger with dancing. Insert another few fancy marketing terms like “Durabilty” and “Green” here. Basicly it is all the good things of a Tortuga, but 7 cm smaller. Making this board light, but strong. Poppy, but steady. Great for dancing AND freestyle.
Multiple wheelbase settings give you the ability to make your tails larger. The extra strip of bamboo applied in the kicktails gives strength, stiffness and improves durability. Two-stage kickstails make this board feel comfortable any way you stand.

Closer to the bolts for one footed tricks you will find that the concave is still there. This concave allows for a better grip while doing tricks like blunt slides, g-turns, all those tricks that require you to know where you are on your board. Further away from the bolts and you’ll notice the kicks curve upwards a bit more. This two-stage curve gives a lot of control during manuals and gives the kick a familiar and predictable feel.

Flex type: Medium
Length: 110 cm, 43.31 inch
Width: 23 cm, 9.06 inch
Wheelbase: 63.9 cm – 70.0 cm, 25.16 inch – 27.56 inch (total of 9 options)

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Timber boards Tortini 43.31" longboard dancer medium flex deck only
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Timber boards
Board Size 43" - 48"
Size No
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