Slingshot KTV Wakeboard boots 2020

The KTV is the best boot in our line for riders who want a clean and streamlined design with the most amount of support and performance and the least amount of hassle.

The KTV is the simplest high-performance boot in the Slingshot lineup. No liners to lose and no laces to fiddle with... Just a simple boot that rises to the occasion in all riding conditions and locations. You’ll be in and out of the board in a flash thanks to the gummy strap closure system, which is simple, effective and reliable. As an added bonus, gummy straps can be swapped out for different color combinations (secondary colorway included) to add a personal “flare” to your setup. The KTV’s direct connect soles deliver all the right feels on top of the board, giving you the confidence you need to take your steeze to the next level.

2020 KTV boots, K9 mounting hardware w/ standard M6, TWO sets of Gummy Straps with different colorways

- Medium flex offers ideal balance between support and mobility
- Quick and easy entry-exit
- Gummy straps squeeze tight, won’t loosen as you ride
- Eliminates the frustration of Velcro
- Get the right fit with Three-zone closure
- Extra set of Gummy straps for customization

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Slingshot KTV wakeboard boots 2020
Marke Slingshot
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