Picture Basement Plush Hoody zip dunkelblau

Picture Basement Plush hoody zip dark blue

- Plush lining (except sleeves)
- Constrated stitching
- 75% Organic Cotton / 25% recycled polyester
- OCS certified organic cotton compound
- Carbon Footprint. We are able to track our carbon footprint at each processing stage of a product’s lifecycle. From the raw materials to the factory and from transportation to product use and end of life.
- Our water-based prints and dyes are Oeko-Tex 100 Standard 1 certified. It guarantees no health or environmentally harmful substances, such as phthalates, are used in the products
- Vegan. Animal welfare is part of our interests in sustainability. Important issues come out of down, feathers, leather and wool sourcing because of the harsh treatments on animals.
- Since 2009 only 2 factories produce more than 80% of our products and we have been business partners. It is a key benefit to involve our suppliers and get involved in the supply chain.

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Picture Basement Plush Hoody zip dunkelblau
Marke Picture Organic
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