O'Neill Psycho Freak ZZ Neoprenanzug 5/4 mm schwarz (nur LT)

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Psycho Freak mixes the best features of the Psycho 3 and previous Psycho Freak. Use of O'Neill's Techno Butter 2 Air Insulation and fast drying Neoprene makes this innovative and technical design the best wetsuit that today to get the day.
- Plasma wrist & ankle seals

- Techno Butter 2 air firewall. Identical features as Techno Butter with the addition of air technology. This 3D structure of neoprene and bubbles is similar to double glazing, more retained air means more heat. Techno Butter Firewall lining is 20% lighter and absorbs 30% less water. This makes the material the warmest, lightest and fastest drying that currently exists.

- Techno Butter 2 neoprene. The same great features as Techno Butter, with an additional Velcro-resistant lining. Available on all Techno Butter-styles with Velcro closures.

- Double Superseam Weld. DSW is a seamless construction in which use is made of a light silicone coating on the seams, both on the inside and the outside. This doesn't allow any water to penetrate through the seam and maintaining the flexibility.

- Patented Z.E.N. Zip Entry System with Drain Hole. The 'free floating' exterior with mini zip keeps water out and makes it feel like you have a zip free suit.

- Double Superseal Neck. Lovely warm two-layer design with 360 ° smooth skin lining, great adjustability and a watertight closure.

- Krypto Knee Padz. Wear-resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shape for added comfort.

- Superseal Cuffs. Keep the water out with this ultimate combination of closure and sustainability.

- External keypocket with loop. The unique design makes that your key is securely stored and easily accessible at the inside of the leg.

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O'Neill Psycho Freak ZZ Neoprenanzug 5/4 mm schwarz (nur LT)
Marke ONeill
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Größe L tall
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