Nitro Banker 159 snowboard 2020 AM/FR

Engineered For Speed

Clear your shelf because the Banker was engineered to bring home some hardware. The new Quiver Banker´s shape, sintered base, and responsive core, will help you fly through banked turns with ease and power, making it the fastest board in the Quiver Series.

The new Quiver Banker Snowboard was specifically designed to go fast in and out of banked slaloms no matter what mountain range you find yourself racing in. For years Bryan and Austin have wanted a board that will be their go to banked slalom board and this is what we have engineered - a board so powerful and fast you will need a strap for your hat. The Directional and Mid-Wide shape will allow you to really lay into those turns, while the Trüe Camber and Sintered Speed Formula II Base will provide you with speed and power right out of the gates. If you are looking for a everyday all-mountain speed machine with a passion for banks slaloms than the Banker was designed to help you go faster than you have ever imagined!

- Shape Directional
- Camber Trüe
- Width Mid-Wide
- Flex All-Terrain
- Sidecut Progressive

Special features:
- Reflex Core Profile
- Sintered Speed Formula II Base
- Bi-lite Laminates
- Powercore II
- Waist width: 25.6 cm
- Running length: 1150 mm
- Sidecut: 8.2 / 6.5 m
- Nose/Tail width 30.2 / 29.8 cm
- Setback: 15 mm
- Rider weight: 60+ kg

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Regulärer Preis: 529,95 €

Special Price 459,95 €

Nitro SMP 158 snowboard 2020 AM/FR
Marke Nitro
Board Size 153 - 159 cm, 158 - 164 cm
Größe Nein
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