Demon Cobalt Damen Skihandschuhe schwarz/blau

Demon Women's Cobalt Glove

Every extreme sport player loves to live life to the fullest while experiencing the amazing thrills of the X sports. But, don’t ever overlook on the appropriate safety measures that will effectively help you at the time of calamity. Every action sport player should shield their hands during each and every action sport with premium quality of gloves to beat the devil of uncertainties. Demon range of gloves is designed in manner to ensure your absolute protection of your hands throughout the adventure sport. You can conveniently buy top-rated quality of sport gloves at the most affordable price range for every action sport.

Demon has exclusively excels in offering a finest quality of protective gears to all the adventure sports lovers. Our range will effectively shield your susceptible parts of the body at the time of fall or crash. Below mentioned are some of the exclusive designed Demon gloves.

- Waterproof insert insulated
- Cinch wrist strap
-Tuff Tec Palm
- Velcro closure
- Heavy weight insulation
- Touch screen compatible

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49,95 €

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Demon Cobalt Damen Skihandschuhe schwarz/blau
Marke Demon
Board Size Nein
Größe L, XL
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