Bollé Gravity goggle lime - Teal zenith lens S2

Bollé Gravity goggle lime - Teal zenith lens S2
The Gravity has it all – performance, comfort, and style. Its spherical lens delivers one of the widest field of views on the market. Equalizer® technology and Flow-Tech® venting keep your goggle fog free all day long. The plush triple layer face foam and Bollé’s Forestay outrigger system provides a comfortable, perfect helmet fit. The Gravity has a medium to large fit, and will have you performing in style.

Forestay™ system
Outrigger systems are designed for goggles to sit snugly on your face, while allowing the strap to interact independently with the latest helmet designs for an integrated fit.

Wide field of vision
The wide field of vision ensures maximum peripheral vision; a necessity in the slalom gates or for admiring the landscape from the summit.

Triple layer face foam
The only material that touches your face is an ultra soft layer of polar fleece which includes two layers foam to ensure a firm and comfortable fit.

Equalizer® vent
Technical waterproof/breathable technology delivers a fogfree view by allowing dual-direction airflow to maintain ideal air pressure and precision optics between the sealed double lens.

Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.

Over the helmet [OTH]
All Bollé goggles are engineered with the latest helmet designs in mind so the fit is smooth.

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Bollé Gravity goggle lime - Teal zenith lens S2
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