Arbor Ethos female snowboard 2020

Arbor Ethos womens snowboard 2020


System Rocker / Women's Specific / Mountain-Twin / Medium-Soft Flex


The Arbor Ethos is the starting point – a well–made, entry–level snowboard. It’s the perfect ride for women who want to get better and go beyond. The Ethos reflects what we believe in: having fun, responsible construction, and real value.

THE SYSTEM: The System is a design platform that delivers a cleaner ride without forfeiting edge performance. The System improves both rocker and camber shapes, without hybridizing the two together, which we think sacrifices the inherent benefits of each. The System design eliminates the leverage required to release and re-engage a snowboard’s outside contact points, while creating a highly effective, more direct connection to the snow.

GRIP TECH: Grip Tech is a tri-radial sidecut design that is not “blended.” Natural shaping intersections, that in the past were eliminated, have been transformed into heel-and-toe contact points that provide a direct, more ergonomic way to grip the snow when additional control is needed. The extra contacts also form pivot zones that make turning easier and more natural. Grip Tech effectively moves a board’s primary interface with the snow underfoot, allowing us to deliver designs that don’t lose performance as we lift leading sections of the effective edge from the snow for a less grabby ride. Those designs include rocker, or camber with our new Uprise Fenders.

– SPOONHEAD TIPS. All-mountain function in a
range of snow conditions
– 2×4 8-PACK INSERTS. Provide a wide stance range, while at the same time delivering critical micro adjustability.
– SINGLE MALT CORE. Our standard wood core for highly reliable return and lasting durability. Made from 100% sustainably grown Poplar wood
– BIAX GLASSING. A biax over biax lay-up that’s designed for park and street inspired all-mountain riding. Also creates a good platform for learning.
– 360 RAILS. A 360 degree, fully wrapped sidewall that eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability.
– EXTRUDED BASE. A tough, user- friendly extruded base that delivers lighter-weight performance.

150 cm:
Camber -0.76 (Rocker with Grip technology)
Set back: 0 cm
Waist width: 23.7 cm
Rider weight: 38-74 kg

Verfügbarkeit: Lieferbar

399,95 €

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Arbor Ethos female snowboard 2020
Marke Arbor
Board Size 147 - 154 cm, 153 - 159 cm
Größe Nein
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