Arbor Coda 159 Camber Snowboard 2020 AM/FR

Das Coda ist ein erstklassiger, vielseitiger Mountain-Twin, eine High-End-Version der Shiloh, die sich durch verbesserte Funktionen wie unseren klassischen amerikanischen Walnuss Powerply und unsere brandneue Rise Above Plastics Top- less Technology auszeichnet. Diese neu entwickelte R.A.P. Topless-Technologie ermöglicht es uns, einem Produkt aus vollständig recycelbaren und biologisch abbaubaren Materialien einen Schritt näher zu kommen. Weitere verbesserte Funktionen sind die hochwertige Sinterbase mit unserem umweltfreundlichen Herstellungsprozess, der Zero Waste Base Die-Swap. Die Coda ist sowohl in den Technologien System Rocker als auch System Camber erhältlich. Das System Camber Design bietet eine poppige Fahrt mit knackiger, voll engagierter Leistung.

- The System Camber – Offers a poppy ride with crisp, fully engaged performance. The parabolic camber guarantees that the outside contact points do not dig too far into the snow, thus creating a cleaner, less-catchy board.
- Parabolic Camber – The System utilizes camber profiles created using the parabolic arc, which progressive reduces the amount of camber toward the tip and tail of a snowboard. This creates low more effective profiles. This guarantees the outside contact points do not dig too far into the snow, creating cleaner, less catchy performance that makes it easier to turn, spin, and ride fast.
- Medium Flex – The most versatile flex because it is equally responsive and friendly giving riders peak performance all over the mountain.
Mountain Twin – A shorter tail than nose gives this board a slightly setback feeling keeping the board on top of the snow and perfect starting point for progression.
- Thunderhead Tips – Big mountain versatility and speed in the deepest snow.
- Grip Tech Sidecut – Grip Tech is a tri-radial sidecut design that is not blended. Shaping intersections have been transformed into heel and toe contact points that provide a direct, more ergonomic way to grip snow. Grip Tech effectively moves a board's primary interface with the snow underfoot, delivering designs that don't lose performance as the leading sections of the effective edges are lifted from the snow.
- Uprise Fenders – Pulls the outside contact zones off the snow with angled 3 degree risers.
- Highland Core – Arbor's premium core, made from a blend of poplar and paulownia for super light weight performance, durability, and return.
- Mixed Glassing – A triax over biax lay-up that's best for versatility: pow, backcountry, groomers, jumps and more.
- Carbon Uprights – This board reinforcement places two carbon fibers from the tip and tail, just past the inserts. This addition makes for a durable, poppy board with backcountry performance.
- 360° Rails – Fully wrapped sidewall that eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability.
- Sintered Base – A higher molecular weight, sintered base that provides added durability and speed.
- Inlaid Power Ply – The Power Ply works like an added layer of fiberglass. During construction, the natural wood and bamboo fibers are turned into a composite layer inside the board.
- 2x4 14-Pack Inserts
- Effective edge: 1199 mm
- Tip width: 295.3 mm
- Tail width: 295.3 mm
- Waist width: 252.5 mm (159 cm)
- No set back
- Rider weight: 57-93 kg

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Arbor Coda 159 Camber Snowboard 2020 AM/FR
Marke Arbor
Board Size 153 - 159 cm, 158 - 164 cm
Größe Nein
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