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Rome Tour snowboard set with Rome United bindings

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Rome Tour 156 snowboard set with Rome United bindings

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Normaal: € 509,90

Caer prijs: € 419,90

Rome Tour snowboard set with Rome United bindings

From knee deep to boilerplate, this deck lets you one-up the terrain every time you strap in. Cruise park, get barreled, or send cliffs, the Tour just doesn’t stop having fun.
The Rome Tour snowboard is a catch free, responsive, all mountain progression board. The Tour has Rome's 3D camber profile which lifts the edges off the snow around the nose and tail to the inserts. This will give you extra confidence whether you're landing your first 360 or learning to carve. The Tour also uses the Quickrip sidecut which gives a playful easy ride at slow speed and a grippy precise hold at higher speeds. The Bambooster technology uses strips of bamboo for a natural snap and pop this will have you flying off kickers and eating up the park no problem. The Tour is the perfect all mountain board for the progressive rider who wants to sample everything.
- No-hangup rocker: We’ve redesigned our NoHang-Ups Rocker profile for 2016. Featuring a new flat Diamond under foot, we’ve shortened the Diamond to 30mm from the contact points and we’ve made the point of it a bit narrower. The result is a more precise ollie point and more 3D Continuous Curvilinear rocker in the nose and tail. The interaction between our flat Diamond and the rocker creates the unique playful and poppy response

- Pop Core Matrix - Smooth flexing poplar wood with great snap for tons of pop
- StraightBiax Laminate - 2 layers for natural and consistent flex
- QuickRip sidecut - Shorter edge at slow speeds longer and higher speeds
- Bambooster: Dual Line - Strips of bamboo in the base for amazing snap and pop

2016 Rome United snowboard binding green
Yep, a weapon. With a very solid load of Rome technical features like easy highback rotation, strap positioning and ConFormist toe straps, the United is armed to let you lay waste to your local hill. A smooth and responsive flex pattern gives you tweakability and power, while the low weight keeps your entire set-up super light.

Unibody Baseplate - A lightweight baseplate that gives the bindings a consistent flex and all-direction response.

SubBase Pad - An EVA foam pad is strategically placed under the baseplate for shock absorption.

United Asym Highback - An asymmetrical high back designed to give the rider control and a smooth flex pattern.

Full Highback Rotation - Custom high back placement let's riders adjust their high back to match their stance angles. Full range rotation: 0 degrees - 24 degrees

Contour Ankle Strap - A low-profile 3D strap that majestically contours to the shape of your boots.

ConFormist Toe Strap - This strap quickly conforms to your boot as soon as you step in. Always comfortable and easy to use.

EVA InBase Pad - Helps dampen vibrations from the snow, as well as absorb shock form hard landings.

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Normaal: € 509,90

Caer prijs: € 419,90

Rome Tour snowboard set with Rome United bindings

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