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Rome Agent Rocker male snowboard set

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Rome Agent rocker AM + Rome 390 Boss snowboard set

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Normaal: € 829,90

Caer prijs: € 739,90

Rome Agent rocker AM + Rome 390 Boss snowboard set

Rome Agent Rocker snowboard

The Super Pop Core Matrix gives you increased pop and snap with the use of long poplar wood sections combined with three separate zones of low-density wood for lightness. Straighttriax30 is the go-to laminate for all-terrain destruction. 30-degree fibers provide enough flex to butter and press while still providing enough responsiveness to slay turns and boost ollies. The Carbon Single Barrel Hotrods bring a new approach to loading ollies and building pop. Rome starts by milling channels into the board’s core, and then they insert carbon rods that rest freely inside sleeves with a single point of attachment. The rod is anchored only towards the center area of the board, leaving the outside tip of the rod to flex freely inside the sleeve. This means the TurboRods engage the tip and tail of the board to load maximum spring, creating a more active flex pattern and efficiently self-dampening after pop occurs. Z-Tech 1.0 is a 1-inch wide strip of Zylon for freestyle friendly flexes that pop ollies like mad without being overly stiff when the board twists. The QuickRip SideCut gives you a board that rails turns at high speeds and a board that is a playful feeling at slower speeds. In some of Rome's high-end boards they use this high-end sintered compound SinterSpeed Base to bring new levels of speed to your riding. It also retains the absorbed wax helping you to maintain many speeds between waxes for effortless ripping and jump boosting.

- MtnPop Rocker camber
- Almost twin shape
- Turborods-carbon single barrel
- Z-tech 1.0
- SuperPop Core Matrix
- StraightTriax30 laminate
- SinterSpeed base
- QuickRip Technology
- Impact edges
- 2x4 and 4x4 compatible
- Flex: 7

2017 Rome 390 Boss G1 male snowboard binding black
For years, the 390 Boss has been the go-to binding for team riders, Rome employees, regional flow kids and friends of the SDS. That’s probably because it lays down an all-around flex pattern, a heavy load of customization features and the best straps money can buy. Enough power for laying into a deep pow slash or popping the lip of a jump. Enough tweak for styling out a crail or locking into a front board

- V-Rod Baseplate. An unevenly designed baseplate with elevated corners on the toeside lateral corner and the heelside medial corner, and a rod of contact everywhere else. The smaller binding footprint gives natural board flex, side-to-side tweakage, and full toe-to-heel power.NEW Yes, I Cant System
- NEW Yes, I Cant System. The only customizable canting in snowboarding. A new quick-as-f*&k footbed that lets you pick the angle you want. Go flat footed with 0 degree, or cant up with 3.5 degrees of lean for comfort and added power over nose and tail. Ideal for rocker boards.
- NEW UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop w/ Channel Adjust.
A primary element in driving the feel of the binding, this is the backbone to the 390 chassis. Light through coring, UnderWrap tech delivers our signature performance of toe-to-heel power combined with side-to-side flex. With the Channel Adjust system dialing it in is easier than ever.
- NEW Contour Boss Ankle Strap. Designed to conform over the ankle, this strap has double the cushion for comfort and new materials for a smooth support profile. The next step in superior ankle straps from the SDS Design House.
- ConformGrip Toe Strap. Overmolded TPR seamlessly incases the nose of all boots for fit and grip that delivers comfort and control. Or run it over your boot if you like it Old School.
- AutoStrap. A Rome-only idea—using an elastic band to hold the ankle straps out of the footbed until you are off the chair and ready to strap in. Simple and efficient.
- NEW InBase Pad. The Design House has created a new footbed that is fully redesigned from one piece of preformed EVA with varying cushioning under the ball of the foot and heel. It’s also completely customizable with one channel screw connecting the footbed to the baseplate, for quick and easy adjustability and positioning to match the riders boot size.

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Normaal: € 829,90

Caer prijs: € 739,90

Rome Agent rocker AM + Rome 390 Boss snowboard set

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