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Original Baffle 37.5" complete longboard

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Original Baffle 37.5" complete

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Original Baffle 37.5" complete longboard
- Bear Grizzly 180 mm black
- Zombie mini hawgs 70 mm 82a yellow
- Abec 9 bearings black

There’re a lot of ways to ride; it’s astonishing. The Baffle longboard is fast and stable for downhill, yet perfect for learning to slide. Good looking, yet bad ass ride-ability. It can ollie and podium at races. And since it makes riding a breeze, it’s easy to enjoy. The way longboard skateboarding should be.

Ask, and You Shall Receive.
The Baffle was home grown by simply asking our riders, “what do you want in a brick?” Using the idea that riders want natural evolution, style, and ease of slides, we made sure The Baffle delivers fresh ideas to the classic brick shape detail by detail, tip to tail. We created a wider, longer longboard whose symmetrical shape initiates slides like a drop deck or drop through, but has the control of a topmount. The construction and concave of the Baffle makes everything easy and comfortable. Flared wheel wells provide epic clearance, but also premium leverage for slides. Width where you need it: at your feet, over your bolts. Flush mounting keeps your trucks turning the way they should, at their intended angle. All of this comfort and control thanks to a baffling shape - a million more times comfy than your favorite slippers. The power of asking “what” was answered with a powerful board: The Baffle.
Original longboards: Original Baffle 37.5" complete longboard

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