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O'Brien Plan B wakeboard bindings

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O'Brien Plan B wakeboard strapbindingen

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Normaal: € 299,95

Caer prijs: € 229,95

O'Brien Plan B wakeboard strapbindingen
- 3 removable, reversible, replaceable Velcro straps
for perfect fit, maximum customization.
- 2.5° CANTED CHASSIS – The chassis is canted 2.5 degrees inward generating a more
natural alignment and leg position when riding, offer more support to the outside of the foot provides improved control, and reduces stress and fatigue on the knees and ankles for a more comfortable, longer ride
- Lasted Construction: Shaped to the contours of a foot to make a left and right specific binding.
- CMEVA outsole.
- Off Axis Rotation System: Equal heel & toe leverage while achieving perfect alignment.
- Power Arch: Provides more arch support during normal riding conditions, and minimizes the amount your foot rolls inward on hard landings, thus reducing stress on your knees

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Normaal: € 299,95

Caer prijs: € 229,95

O'Brien Plan B wakeboard strapbindingen

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