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Nitro Spell all mountain snowboard ladies snowboard set

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Nitro Spell AM/FS + Rome Strut snowboard set ladies

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Normaal: € 619,90

Caer prijs: € 569,90

Nitro Spell AM/FS + Rome Strut snowboard set ladies

Nitro Spell AM/FS snowboard ladies

Our most iconic park specific snowboard for the ladies looking to progress and impress all the boys. The Flat-Out Rocker allows you to get your presses sky-high without sacrifcing the precision and response you need for stomping the deepest of landings in and out of the park. The flat base under foot with early lift off at the nose and tail provide the freedom and flex you demand, with the RailKiller Edges and Power Pods deliver unmatched strength and edge hold for the iciest of days. Put a spell on your friends this winter!

- RADIAL SIDECUT - The simplest and most common of all sidecuts: One single radius makes this sidecut extremely versatile and predictable.
- FLAT OUT ROCKER - Flat-Out Rocker is a hybrid flat camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns, and catch-free maneuvers. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, pressability, and forgiveness in any terrain. The ultimate hybrid between Zero Camber and Reverse Camber to allow you to have the most playful yet stabile ride for easy progression and all-mountain domination. The profile of choice for park, freestyle, and urban riders worldwide.
- WHIPLASH CORE PROFILE - This profile features reduced thickness between the inserts with added meat outside your feet for maximum ollie power, while maintaining a perfect press flex.
- PREMIUM EXTRUDED FH BASE - Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra clear base material - our FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.
- POWERPODS - Overlaying a tighter sidecut radius in the center of the board with a larger one towards tip and tail is creating our exclusive POWERPODS which have two amazing effects: On one hand, there is extended board width under the bindings, resulting in additional edge control, especially on hard and icy surfaces as well as simply less toe and heel drag for larger boots and flatter stance angles. On the other hand, our POWERPODS make the board super reactive and fast turning once it’s put on edge – while keeping it easy to control if ridden with less dynamics.
- RAILKILLER EDGE - Your secret weapon for rails, rocks and longevity! With it ´s unique edge profile and an impact resistance of more than 200% compared to a standard edge - the Railkiller Edge is twice as thick and twice as strong. This proprietary construction can take on any rail challenge. Take a file to them or ride them hard and wear them down naturally, this chunk of steel has enough meat for years of abuse.

Rome Strut snowboard binding black female
Anatomically correct shape that lets you slash powder, ollie ropes and have a damn good time on your snowboard. A responsive blend of supportive geometries and connected comfort thanks to its unique highback, the Strut does not mess around

- UnderWrap Heel Hoop. The Rome binding innovation that delivers unmatched toe-to-heel leverage, while still flexing side-to-side the way snowboarding likes it
- Strut Highback. Anatomically shaped to the calf of women riders, this highback blends power when you want it with comfort where you need it
- ConFormist.Toe Strap. The original over-the-toe or over-the-top toe strap for signature Rome customization
- PF1.Ankle Strap. A mid-flexing design with support for toeside power transfer
- SF glass filled baseplate. Short fibers of glass impregnate nylon for power with flexibility
- SubBase Pad. Anti-vibration technology that enhances board feel
- The Rome Customization Foundation
Highback Rotation; 9 Times Ankle Strap Position; Adjustable Toe Ramps; 0-24 Degree Forward Lean
- The Rome QuickTech Foundation
QuickStrap.2 Technology; QuickLock Forward Lean

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Normaal: € 619,90

Caer prijs: € 569,90

Nitro Spell AM/FS + Rome Strut snowboard set ladies

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