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Hyperlite Landlock 5'.6" (165 cm) surfboard demo

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Hyperlite Landlock 5'.6" (165 cm) surfboard demo

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Hyperlite Landlock 5'.6" surfboard demo
Board in super condition. Used but no damages!

Slower boat speeds, big wakes - straight up surfing Landlock style. This is a new movement with aerials, floaters, and backside turns in mind. It represents our continued commitment to the progression of being sideways on the water.
Whether you have never surfed before or you just got back from Teahupoo, the Landlock's fast rocker line and two responsive outer fins make for a quick reacting freshwater dominator. This fun, stable, easy to ride slasher will ease riders into the soul of surfing. The time has come for a new team influenced creation.

- 5'-6" Design for slower boat speeds and moderate to big boat wakes
- Fastest rocker line Hyperlite has ever created
- EVA top deck for extra traction while surfing
- A molded, symmetrical arch support, wedge and concave for extra board control
- Two big Landlock designed fins
- Kinked tip to prevent nosedives while slashin'

Hyperlite Landlock 5'.6" surfboard demo.

Learn to surf behind your speedboat! Whatch the example movie how to do it!

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