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Arbor Blacklist 157 mid wide

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Arbor Blacklist 157 MW AM/FS

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€ 429,95
Arbor Blacklist 157 MW rocker with GripTech
The Arbor Blacklist Snowboard is a mid-wide freestyle snowboard designed to crush any mountain or man-made terrain. Featuring Arbor's Park System Rocker, the Blacklist is extremely versatile allowing you to throw down spins, grinds, and slides with ease while providing great edge hold when you decide to take a break from the park. If you need a durable performance board designed to throw down technical tricks and take huge landings, the versatile Blacklist is your ride

- 2 x 4 14 insert packages
- Bio-Film hi gloss film 30% bio-plastic protects your top
- PowerPly top sheet Sustainable sourced structural wood. Imporoved return, durability and weight
- Butter glassing a biaxial over biaxial lay-up taht is designed for park and street inspired all mountain riding
- UN3 progressive sidecut GripTech unbleded tri-radial better turning, initiation and stability.
- Medicine core. 100% FCS certified poplar. The industry standard for reliable return and lasting durability
- Rhythm walls An advanced blend of ABS and urethane. Delivers durability and a clean acoustically damp ride
- Recycled steel edges. Edges made of 60% hardened recycled steel
- Fusion base. A tough, user friendly extruded material that is light weight and easy to maintain

Waist width 26 cm
Rider weight 54-91 kg
Arbor Blacklist 157 mid wide snowboard

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