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Abec11 Powerballs 72 mm wheels

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Abec11 Powerballs 72 mm wheels

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€ 55,95
Abec 11 Powerballs 72 mm wheels
The 72mm Pink Powerballs are a round lipped wheel that is rated with a hardness of 78a.
These wheels were designed for lighter riders looking for buttery slides, and the 72mm diameter makes this a perfectly sized wheel because it is in between a fast accelerating 70mm wheel and a high top speed 75mm wheel.
Beware that the Pink (78a) wheels are rather soft and can feel slow to heavier riders. The Blue (81a) are still fairly soft, but will be a better choice for larger riders. Choose your durometer accordingly!
Height: 72mm
Durometers: 78a
Width: 45mm
Contact Patch: 32.0mm
Hub: 35mm
Hub Setting: OS Offset
Depth of Urethane: 18.5mm
Edges: Round
Disciplines: Pink's largest wheel - carving, cruising, downhill, and bigger longboards
Fast, smooth, comfortable grippy wheel

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€ 55,95
Abec11 Powerballs 72 mm wheels

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